Onwards and Upwards!

14 Apr 2018 07:56 |   2 comments

Hello! I wanted to give a quick update on my progress over the past few years and what I'm up to now. Back when this blog was regularly updated (starting in 2009), I was using the...
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Wikidot Expressions

02 Jan 2017 01:24 |   2 comments

The new home page for this blog shows a comment count just as the previous theme did, but there are two main improvements: A FontAwesome icon is shown alongside the count, which...
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Well, that's new!

01 Jan 2017 08:38 |   3 comments

Did someone say new theme? In the previous blog post I was considering a change to the blog, and today that culminated in the conversion of this blog to a Bootstrap 3 compatible theme. ...
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Accept users by Email Domain

10 Sep 2013 00:46 |   2 comments

Wikidot pushed a neat new feature 13 hours ago - the ability to accept new members to your Wikidot site automatically, based on their email domain. This allows you to automatically...
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Wikidot 101 - Video Tutorials

12 Mar 2013 01:15 |   1 comment

Please note that these videos are quite old, and need to be updated. They may still be of use to you, but I'll keep this message here until they've been updated to reflect the awesome...
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5-star ratings for Wikidot - Available now!

18 Oct 2012 12:45 |   2 comments

One of the highest rated wishes on the Wikidot feedback system was for the implementation of a 5-star rating system, which currently has 28 votes. The Wikidot team has been hard at work...
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Google Chrome Productivity Tip: Search

06 Jul 2012 13:46 |   0 comments

Do you regularly search the Wikidot group of sites? If you answered Yes to that question, this productivity tip may help you to do so a little bit faster. Your time is valuable, so...
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Hash Magic URIs / URLs for Wikidot

08 Sep 2011 12:22 |   4 comments (+12)

The Wikidot Team just sneaked in a new feature - and it's extremely useful! ;-) Blog post written for: Advanced users. Most site owners will never use these directly. Previously, if...
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