I miss Wikidot

10 Mar 2012 11:11 |   0 comments (+9)

To My Friends and Colleagues: For the last 2-3 months I have barely touched Wikidot. I used to be a regular here, commenting on every second post at the Blog or giving my...
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We're approaching the middle of the year

16 Jun 2011 01:21 |   0 comments (+4)

Beginning midday of Monday 20th June, I will have my first taste of freedom from this semester at University. From that point onwards, I will only have one more exam left. My final...
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Teen escapes death on train tracks

15 Apr 2011 03:02 |   0 comments (+8)

Here in South Australia, at Mawson Lakes interchange, a 17-year-old youth narrowly escaped with his life - receiving only a broken ankle - when crossing the railway tracks. He had...
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Gmail decides not to bother...

03 Mar 2011 05:04 |   0 comments (+7)

As you may have noticed by the lack of blog posts, I've been a bit busy lately. There are a variety of reasons for this, and I'm not going to go into them here. Some of those reasons...
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23 Feb 2011 13:37 |   0 comments (+3)

Wiktionary defines the term 'reinvigorate' as [giving] new life, energy or strength to someone or something - and that is what the focus of today's CSS theme change has been all...
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Happy New Year 2011!

31 Dec 2010 14:07 |   0 comments (+3)

Happy New Year everyone!
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I wish my bank would use Wikidot syntax!

02 Nov 2010 05:29 |   0 comments (+4)

I wish my bank would allow me to use Wikidot syntax on their Internet Banking website. This would be so simple, I'd get exactly what I want, and can even style it with CSS! :) All ATM...
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Religious followers rally to defend their convictions

13 Oct 2010 23:20 |   5 comments (+6)

Readers of my local newspaper debate whether faith or science provides a better foundation for understanding how the world works. This is the reader feedback section of The Advertiser...
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