PC vs Mac

03 May 2010 06:47 |   0 comments (+2)

I found this on a random website, it's an IRC quote. robT Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC can't bawss Right click. Image:
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The case of the 500-mile email

14 Apr 2010 17:28 |   0 comments

This is great! Thanks to rurwin does not match any existing user name for linking to this over at Here's a problem that *sounded* impossible I almost regret...
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Victoria - Is it really 'the place to be'?

03 Nov 2009 04:24 |   0 comments (+2)

Time and time again I see Victorian number plates on cars here. Sure, they're allowed to visit - it's the slogan that the Victorian government has come up with that makes me wonder what...
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