Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10122

21 May 2015 23:00 |   0 comments

A new Windows 10 release has been pushed out for those signed up on the Fast ring of the new OS, Build 10122. The previous build, which I have been trialling for the past week, was...
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Microsoft Surface, a new tablet

20 Jun 2012 09:38 |   0 comments

After avoiding the iPad since its release, and being under the opinion that Android works better as a phone OS rather than a tablet OS, I will be buying the Surface Pro tablet from...
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Unlock hidden Windows 7 Themes

29 Mar 2010 00:09 |   0 comments (+5)

Your copy of Windows 7 has a number of themes available when you first install it but what you may not realise is that there are more on your computer, that it is not showing you,...
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Windows 7 Location Aware Printing

24 Mar 2010 11:16 |   0 comments

Windows 7 can automatically detect which network you are connected to, and change your default printer to suit! Now, it doesn't matter if I'm at home or at University, my Windows 7...
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