OUYA - The People's Gaming Console

13 Jul 2012 13:03 |   0 comments

OUYA. It's a name you're certain to hear a lot more about in the next 6 months. It's the $99 gaming console for the 99%. Intrigued? Perhaps, perhaps not. Let me tell you more about...
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Portal 2 - E3 Teaser Trailer

16 Jun 2010 07:09 |   0 comments (+7)

This week the gaming world is reeling from announcement after announcement (some surprising and some not), as every big game developer in the world converges upon the E3 Expo in Los...
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12 May 2010 23:11 |   0 comments (+19)

Portal is FREE! And take it from me (who bought this game a few years ago), that it's worth the purchase, even if FREE is a little too much for your budget. Portal is a single-player...
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Counter Strike: Source massive update!

12 May 2010 01:35 |   0 comments

This game is a gem. It was created years ago and it's been a long time since anything but bug fixes have been released. Now Valve, in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios, have...
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