Well, that's new!

01 Jan 2017 08:38 |   3 comments

Did someone say new theme? In the previous blog post I was considering a change to the blog, and today that culminated in the conversion of this blog to a Bootstrap 3 compatible theme. ...
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Must. Continue. Blogging.

28 Dec 2016 13:17 |   7 comments

Well, this is something that I haven't done for quite a while. 585 days (and counting), in fact. Blogging is something that is difficult to continue. You need inspiration, you need time...
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Commitment to this blog

26 Jun 2012 06:15 |   17 comments (+2)

I have a few followers that read these posts, and occasionally comment on them. I'd like to thank you for listening to my rambling and for putting up with it :) As a sign of respect to...
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What motivates us?

27 May 2010 23:23 |   0 comments (+2)

The surprising truth! I found myself captivated by this, and watched it right through with the sound muted. Then I later discovered there's a talk that goes with it! :)
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Creativeness - the foundation of online communities

07 Mar 2010 01:31 |   1 comment (+2)

I am involved in a couple of communities, the most obvious one being the Wikidot Community. One thing I've noticed is that without creativity, a project will get boring very quickly and...
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The 'dot berets

06 Mar 2010 12:27 |   1 comment

The Wikidot Community is probably the most-actively spammed wikidot site there is but only the naïve even make the attempt these days. Spam-related links are usually deleted within...
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