Google Chrome Productivity Tip: Search

06 Jul 2012 13:46 |   0 comments

Do you regularly search the Wikidot group of sites? If you answered Yes to that question, this productivity tip may help you to do so a little bit faster. Your time is valuable, so...
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Google Chrome install location

30 Jun 2012 06:17 |   4 comments

Earlier today I needed to find the main executable file for the Google Chrome browser on my machine, but it was not in the usual place. I am running a 64-bit version of Windows 8, so I...
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Wikidot Extender for Google Chrome (2010.5.21)

21 May 2010 04:47 |   0 comments (+6)

I've updated my Wikidot Extender, which is an extension for users of the Google Chrome browser. If you already have it installed then you don't need to do anything it should...
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