Writer cancelled, STE full-steam ahead

15 Mar 2011 02:45 |   1 comment (+1)

Some of my previous blog posts mentioned a project I have been working on titled Wikidot Writer, which was intended to be a C#.NET application that would make blogging on the...
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Wikidot API changes, and STE

11 Mar 2011 14:18 |   1 comment

I have just posted an announcement detailing some of the API changes that were implemented by Wikidot earlier today. In short, site administrators are given greater control over their...
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Wikidot Writer: progress update

15 Dec 2010 10:42 |   0 comments (+11)

This is a progress update for Wikidot Writer. What is the purpose of Wikidot Writer? Wikidot Writer is intended to be a blogging tool, designed to make blogging on Wikidot easier. This...
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Making STE cooler for Mac OS X owners!

18 Oct 2010 08:28 |   0 comments (+5)

If you're a Mac OS X owner, read on. If you're not, you risk becoming very jealous of those that are! Firstly, you can all thank bcammo for continually reminding me to fix all of these...
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Wikidot Writer - update

14 Oct 2010 07:20 |   0 comments (+5)

Small update for Wikidot Writer, which was originally announced a month ago on this blog. The program is written using the C#.NET programming language. For now, you can assume that this...
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