Editor buttons, a win-win CSS solution

27 May 2011 06:56 |   0 comments (+10)

When it comes to hiding things with CSS, there's nothing more heavily disputed than whether or not to hide the editor buttons. Wikidot Community member gerdami would argue that it is...
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Java - network programming

27 May 2011 06:14 |   1 comment (+6)

This is my first attempt at network programming with Java. In this case, the client and server are the same machine - my MacBook. However in theory it should work the same way when...
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Wikidot Chatbox CSI

03 May 2011 04:25 |   0 comments (+8)

Just something I made in my spare time. Already done: It works! Still todo: Put divs (with class names) around the important elements, so that they can be easily styled via CSS...
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Get XP's defrag diagram in Windows 7 (or Windows 8/10)

26 Apr 2011 07:26 |   15 comments (+2)

While this blog post was originally written for Windows 7, it should also apply to Windows 8 and Windows 10. Back in the days of Windows XP that ancient operating system that will be...
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Teen escapes death on train tracks

15 Apr 2011 03:02 |   0 comments (+8)

Here in South Australia, at Mawson Lakes interchange, a 17-year-old youth narrowly escaped with his life - receiving only a broken ankle - when crossing the railway tracks. He had...
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Image 'title' attribute, for describing an image

03 Apr 2011 23:36 |   0 comments (+3)

Wikidot community administrator RobElliott has discovered an undocumented feature that you can use while embedding images into your wikidot page! The title attribute for [[image ...]],...
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Reminder to update My Account links

31 Mar 2011 00:21 |   0 comments

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to check any links leading to Wikidot account settings on all of your sites. Since the UI upgrades to the My Account page, several old links have...
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I'm glad I spent so much time on STE extensions

28 Mar 2011 09:11 |   0 comments (+6)

If you're not sure what STE or STE extensions are, I'd recommend you check it out. It could save you a lot of time whilst managing your Wikidot site! When I was working on the...
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