Windows 8: Rave and a Rage #1

14 Nov 2013 06:11 |   0 comments

I'd like to occasionally post about my experiences with using Windows 8. In these posts, I'll include one thing I like about the operating system, and another that I feel could be...
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Accept users by Email Domain

10 Sep 2013 00:46 |   2 comments

Wikidot pushed a neat new feature 13 hours ago - the ability to accept new members to your Wikidot site automatically, based on their email domain. This allows you to automatically...
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Mass-Rename Files on Windows

29 Jul 2013 06:56 |   4 comments

Windows Explorer has a useful, but hidden method for mass-renaming your files. I just discovered it earlier today through a quick Google search, and thought it was worthy of sharing...
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Wikidot 101 - Video Tutorials

12 Mar 2013 01:15 |   1 comment

Please note that these videos are quite old, and need to be updated. They may still be of use to you, but I'll keep this message here until they've been updated to reflect the awesome...
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5-star ratings for Wikidot - Available now!

18 Oct 2012 12:45 |   2 comments

One of the highest rated wishes on the Wikidot feedback system was for the implementation of a 5-star rating system, which currently has 28 votes. The Wikidot team has been hard at work...
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Remove the "Metro" from Windows 8

16 Sep 2012 08:48 |   0 comments

Once you have installed Windows 8 and started it up for the first time, you are given a quick tutorial on the changes, then are faced with the Metro interface. For those that are...
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Forensic Analysis Project

14 Sep 2012 01:09 |   2 comments

I am currently working on a project for the state police's forensics unit, as part of my final year study at university. When officers are collecting evidence following an arrest, they...
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Turning off your Windows 8 PC

07 Sep 2012 05:24 |   0 comments

Microsoft's next major operating system will be released to the world on October 26th this year. Windows 8's new Metro interface presents itself as soon as you sign in, and whilst it...
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