Halo: Reach

15 Mar 2010 11:52 |   0 comments (+3)

A closer look at the Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer, which was released on 3rd March 2010. The first thing that you should do is to watch the official multiplayer trailer for Halo...
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Creativeness - the foundation of online communities

07 Mar 2010 01:31 |   1 comment (+2)

I am involved in a couple of communities, the most obvious one being the Wikidot Community. One thing I've noticed is that without creativity, a project will get boring very quickly and...
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The 'dot berets

06 Mar 2010 12:27 |   0 comments

The Wikidot Community is probably the most-actively spammed wikidot site there is but only the naïve even make the attempt these days. Spam-related links are usually deleted within...
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Hover images over text module

21 Jan 2010 00:13 |   0 comments

Have you ever wanted to show an image when you hover your mouse over text? Something like this: Wikidot [[include :css-competition:include:hover |prepend= |text= |image= ...
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Spoiler module

22 Dec 2009 00:34 |   0 comments

This is an update to the spoiler tags located on the code snippets website. It uses webkit, which means that there's a slightly better transition effect in Apple Safari and Google...
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Gaining traffic

14 Nov 2009 23:19 |   0 comments (+4)

When trying to bring traffic to my websites, and to keep it there, I try to stick to a few rules. They are: Find a topic to focus on, and stick with it Regularly update, and make sure...
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Water on the moon!

14 Nov 2009 09:06 |   0 comments (+1)

Over the past 15 or so hours, several news websites have started to post news about NASA finding water on the moon. Source: Indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn't...
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Never-ending stories

12 Nov 2009 08:50 |   0 comments

Created by the ever-determined James Kanjo, is a new wiki with one focus: allowing people to collaborate on several fictional, never-ending stories. Originally announced on his blog...
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