PC vs Mac

03 May 2010 06:47 |   0 comments (+2)

I found this on a random website, it's an IRC quote. robT Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC can't bawss Right click. Image:
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Just finished installing Ubuntu 10.04

02 May 2010 23:13 |   0 comments (+1)

And so far, I like what I see! The most obvious thing that stands out to me is that everything just works! I have a Netgear WG111v3 wireless adapter that I use to connect to my wireless...
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26 Apr 2010 01:28 |   0 comments

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was a World War I army corps that operated during the Battle of Gallipoli. General William Birdwood commanded the corps, which...
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Five life-long lessons

26 Apr 2010 00:59 |   0 comments (+1)

Usually I either ignore these, or read them and think that they're not worth sharing, but this is one of those forward-it-on emails that is worth re-posting here. I was sent this from...
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Java is really jarring me + Text Editor

21 Apr 2010 03:12 |   0 comments (+5)

Java is really jarring me1. Lame pun intended ;-) Footnotes 1. jar - affect in a disagreeable way; This play jarred the audience I've just finished making a simple Swing text...
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The case of the 500-mile email

14 Apr 2010 17:28 |   0 comments

This is great! Thanks to rurwin does not match any existing user name for linking to this over at Here's a problem that *sounded* impossible I almost regret...
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Unlock hidden Windows 7 Themes

29 Mar 2010 00:09 |   0 comments (+5)

Your copy of Windows 7 has a number of themes available when you first install it but what you may not realise is that there are more on your computer, that it is not showing you,...
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Halo: Landfall

27 Mar 2010 11:22 |   0 comments

This is part of an awesome video I have on my Xbox. I just found it on Youtube, so I'm sharing it here. For anyone that does not know, Halo is the name of a video game trilogy based on...
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