Editor buttons, a win-win CSS solution

27 May 2011 06:56 |   0 comments (+10)

When it comes to hiding things with CSS, there's nothing more heavily disputed than whether or not to hide the editor buttons. Wikidot Community member gerdami would argue that it is...
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Wikidot Chatbox CSI

03 May 2011 04:25 |   0 comments (+8)

Just something I made in my spare time. Already done: It works! Still todo: Put divs (with class names) around the important elements, so that they can be easily styled via CSS...
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Image 'title' attribute, for describing an image

03 Apr 2011 23:36 |   0 comments (+3)

Wikidot community administrator RobElliott has discovered an undocumented feature that you can use while embedding images into your wikidot page! The title attribute for [[image ...]],...
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Reminder to update My Account links

31 Mar 2011 00:21 |   0 comments

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to check any links leading to Wikidot account settings on all of your sites. Since the UI upgrades to the My Account page, several old links have...
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Publicly-visible feedback system for Wikidot

16 Mar 2011 01:57 |   2 comments (+1)

To combat spammers and to give contributors additional recognition for their work (and therefore some encouragement to contribute more often), I have proposed a publicly-visible...
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Writer cancelled, STE full-steam ahead

15 Mar 2011 02:45 |   1 comment (+1)

Some of my previous blog posts mentioned a project I have been working on titled Wikidot Writer, which was intended to be a C#.NET application that would make blogging on the...
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Wikidot API changes, and STE

11 Mar 2011 14:18 |   1 comment

I have just posted an announcement detailing some of the API changes that were implemented by Wikidot earlier today. In short, site administrators are given greater control over their...
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ListUsers module: tips & tricks!

03 Mar 2011 07:24 |   0 comments

With the addition of the ListUsers module, Wikidot gave us a very powerful tool. We have the ability to show some custom text to any signed-in user. Image taken from
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