OSX Mountain Lion release today, what are you looking forward to?

25 Jul 2012 23:50 |   0 comments

OSX Mountain Lion was released for Mac users earlier today. Which improvement are you most looking forward to? The price At only $21 AUD it's even more affordable than the last...
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Greater Precision over OSX Volume Control

25 Jul 2012 07:09 |   0 comments

Most Mac users already know how to change their volume, and recognise the plink noise that your computer makes when doing so. It's rather handy having a keyboard shortcut for the...
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More Mac OSX articles to come, Windows not so different

25 Jul 2012 05:17 |   2 comments

I realised today that I have written quite a number of articles and tips regarding Windows operating systems, but my Mac OSX articles are few and far between - and they often carry a...
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Making STE cooler for Mac OS X owners!

18 Oct 2010 08:28 |   0 comments (+5)

If you're a Mac OS X owner, read on. If you're not, you risk becoming very jealous of those that are! Firstly, you can all thank bcammo for continually reminding me to fix all of these...
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