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If you're a Mac OS X owner, read on. If you're not, you risk becoming very jealous of those that are!

Firstly, you can all thank bcammo for continually reminding me to fix all of these minor issues. Beginning with the next release of STE, I should be able to mark a number of his wishes as done.

Secondly, if you've gotten this far and you don't know what STE is, then go and find out! ;-) Start here:

And thirdly, on to the actual announcement now that I've got the necessary prelude out of the way.

STE, the very first wiki page editor that takes advantage of the Wikidot API, now includes the following:

  • Takes advantage of the Mac menu bar to provide a more natural experience for Mac OS X owners
  • A more suitable application name is shown in the Mac toolbar ("STE" instead of "Text Editor")
  • STE now includes the Grow Box in the bottom-right corner, which is used for resizing the window
  • And because Mac applications are no longer cool unless they have this, STE now uses the 'Brushed Metal' look and feel that you may be used to seeing in various iApps, such as iTunes and iChat!

Now, because I'm one of those jealous people that doesn't have a Mac of my own, the following image doesn't show STE using these features. Instead, I just ripped a screen capture from a random website and added my own annotations to it.


Now, unfortuantely for you this hasn't been released yet. This blog post is mostly here just as a teaser ;-)

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