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For a long time the Files Module has been broken and wasn't worth using on any serious website. That has changed, with the resolution of bug report #200.

When rurwin created the bug report 78 days ago, he was reporting a very annoying problem with the Files module. Luckily, that problem is now fixed and the Files module acts exactly as you might expect it to.

However, the module hasn't been announced anywhere as a "new feature" - because it's not new. The bug fix was done very quietly and only those that are watching or the changelog will know about it. So I'm writing this blog post to raise awareness that it exists.


[[module Files]]

In Action

File nameFile typeSize
a_wd-files-module.pngPNG image3.26 kBInfo
ayers-rock.jpgJPEG image data244.86 kBInfo
bunny.jpgJPEG image data68 kBInfo

Hiding the "Manage attachments" link

If you'd prefer to just list the files that are attached to the page, you can hide the "Manage attachments" link using CSS.


.manage-attachments-link {
    display: none;

In Action

Notice how the "Manage attachments" link is no longer visible.

If you would still like to show the link somewhere else on the page, you can do this by using a button:


[[button files text="Manage attachments"]]

In Action

Manage attachments

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