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I intend to redevelop this blog when I have time.

There will be a new focus: readers don't seem too interested in most of the gaming topics I've posted (with the exception of the game Portal when it was made available for free for a limited time) so I will cut down on the number of gaming-related posts I am making and focus on web and application development projects instead, including what I'm working on here at Wikidot.

As a result of this the theme also needs to be changed. I'm tired of the purple theme being used now - not only is it unprofessional, but I could do a lot better. My intent is to pay for someone else to design a unique theme for me - unlike this one which was taken from the Wikidot Themes site - and then I'll continue tinkering with it myself and making minor modifications as they're required.

What I'd like to know is why you are reading this post right now - what has brought you to my blog? Are there any specific topics you enjoyed reading about and you'd like me to cover more often in future? Which posts are your favourite, and which did you find the most informative?

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