13 Jun 2010 07:29 | firefox windows

There's a new updated “Aero Glass” interface in the latest Firefox 3.7 Alpha 6 Preview build!


And if you enable "Tabs on Top":


As far as I know, this only works under Windows Vista and Windows 7 (for obvious reasons). Perhaps in the future when other OS'es support the kind of transparency that Windows Aero does, the same effect can be replicated there as well.

These are still test builds, and there are reported to be a couple of problems where Aero doesn't work properly yet. Looks awesome so far though!

And still no support for CSS3 transitions.

How do you download the latest unstable test build of Firefox (aptly named Minefield)? That's easy:

This reminds me of how several months ago, the graphics editing program Paint.NET was updated to use a similar interface.


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