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Portal is FREE!

And take it from me (who bought this game a few years ago), that it's worth the purchase, even if "FREE" is a little too much for your budget.

Portal is a single-player only game that focuses on the player solving puzzles to move from one room to the next. It's a fun game that anyone can play, even if you've never played a PC game before. It's won several awards and the only complaint people have is that "it's too short". It ends before you know it, because it's so fun, and funny, and sad, and … well … just get it, alright?

And yes, that means you James, Ed, Rob, jimmybond, even Michal. Download it. Try it. I know you want to!

This is a limited-time offer until May 24th, and is even available to Mac users for the first time! Because I've already had the game for a while and obviously getting it a second time for free is pointless, I'll be signing my brother up to Steam and downloading it for him as well.


Steam works on a system that means you have to log in to play your games (although there is an offline mode) — and many games developers like this idea because it helps to prevent piracy. Steam also has a huge focus on community, so if you add people to your friends list, they can see what you're playing, and if you've won any "achievements" (awards) during game play. If you're playing a multi-player game, they can just drop in and join you.

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