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A closer look at the Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer, which was released on 3rd March 2010.

The first thing that you should do is to watch the official multiplayer trailer for Halo Reach. The worldwide release for the multiplayer beta is May 3rd, with the full game out in stores sometime in the third quarter of 2010 (that's July/Aug/Sept).

Watch the Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer from Bungie here:

After you have watched that video, and only afterwards, I recommend you have a look at this video, which goes through a detailed analysis of everything revealed in the video. You'll be surprised at how much you missed. Enjoy :)

The multiplayer beta is available to everyone with a copy of Halo 3: ODST, and will be available from the Intel option in the game's main menu on 3rd May, 2010.

I only know one person on Wikidot that is also on Xbox live. Surely there must be more! If you're going to be playing the multiplayer beta, post your gamertag in the comments. I'll look forward to playing with you when it is released.


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