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Wikidot pushed a neat new feature 13 hours ago - the ability to accept new members to your Wikidot site automatically, based on their email domain.

This allows you to automatically accept anyone from your school, university or business - but force others to be manually approved. It's the type of enterprise-level feature that Wikidot can really benefit from!

If you would like to take advantage of this feature, visit your site manager and access the Security > Access policy page:


Then enter your domain details like so:


Remember to click "Save changes" when you are done!

This feature is only available to Pro Plus users. For a full plan comparison, check the Subscription plans page.

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10 Sep 2013 01:15

This feature is only available to pro plus users (and I assume educational sites as well), meaning there's another incentive to upgrade your account if this is a feature you could use.

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10 Sep 2013 01:54

Ah, I hadn't realised that. Thanks for the clarification, Ed!

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