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I am currently working on a project for the state police's forensics unit, as part of my final year study at university.

When officers are collecting evidence following an arrest, they also look for computers and mobile devices. I am working with a fellow student to help forensic investigators to interpret the data that they pull from those mobile devices.

Here's an example chart from the application we are developing.


For security and privacy reasons, I can only show you data from my own phones. The input is a list of Calls, SMS and MMS events that were pulled from my own Samsung Galaxy S II for testing purposes.

Data was extracted from my phone on Friday 7th September so I have set the chart to display a month's worth of results, ending on that day. It's interesting to see the number of calls and messages fluctuate.

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14 Sep 2012 06:05

You never sleeep for a longer period than one hour? :)

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14 Sep 2012 07:19

This is an entire month's worth of results. Each interval is a day, so the highest point there is 13 calls in a day (13 calls each on August 27th and August 29th).

If that was the results from a single day … that'd be crazy! :) That's more than one call every 10 minutes.

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