28 Jul 2012 01:43 | google maths

For a while now, typing a simple mathematic equation into Google's search bar would yield a numerical answer above the regular search results. If you didn't have a calculator on hand, Google was a good alternative.

A few days ago, Google improved this functionality even further — with a full scientific calculator embedded into their search engine. And it works in the mobile version of their website as well! (As long as you hold the phone in landscape mode.)

If you are willing to put up with the inaccuracy of Google's voice search feature you might notice that the scientific calculator also appears as a search result then. It's as if you have someone following you around with the sole purpose of solving your problems for you. Just be prepared to repeat the problem over and over again, until he understands it.


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10 Aug 2012 12:23

I can see how this could be useful for mobile use, but I actually find it currently more inconvenient that useful. I use to be able to copy and paste the answer Google produced, but now I have to manually type it and memorize all of the digits that might arise.

I suppose that means a stronger mental workout :/

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10 Aug 2012 13:07

Hmm. That's strange.

I just tried a simple expression (10 + 10), and it allowed me to copy the answer to my clipboard. The attached image shows the mouse selection.

Or are you using a more complicated expression?

As for it's usefulness… despite Google offering a scientific calculator now I also don't use it. I prefer to use my physical calculator (Casio fx-9860G, Graphics Calculator) instead.


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11 Sep 2012 12:28

Ah, I see what happened. I am indeed able to select it, and I can indeed copy it, but I cannot Ctrl+C like before because that apparently adds a cos( instead of copying!

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