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Have you always wanted that extra edge when revising for an exam? Can't find anyone to revise with? This application can help!

Introducing… Exam Helper! The most uninventive name possible, for an extremely simple application. It allows you to create and then answer quizzes to help with exam revision.

Enter a few Q&A pairs, then quiz yourself often to make sure you remember them. Easy!

Thanks goes to BMC Creative for the icon. Unfortunately, Windows and Linux users will need to add it manually.

Download v1.10
Windows | Mac OS X | Linux
Windows: 341.40 kB — Mac OS X: 487.92 kB


  • Enter your Questions & Answers, and the app will randomly ask you one back again
  • Questions are stored using the XML file format, making them easy to edit and manage with most other file editing software!
  • Basic correct/incorrect statistics so you know how well you are going
  • You will never be asked the same question twice in a row
  • Very simple, and extremely easy to use!

Keep in mind:

  • Questions are stored in a file named '' in your user home folder
  • There is no automatic update checker - visit this blog post to check for updates

Possible future features (if there is enough interest):

  • View a list of all current questions and edit/delete one at a time
  • Import and Export question list in XML format (or some other human-readable format)
  • Tracking statistics (total correct, total incorrect, longest correct answer streak, etc.)
  • Answers that are not case-sensitive
  • Website where you can share an exported question set (e.g. movie trivia) for others to use!
  • A better User Interface (i.e. better button placement, Enter to submit answer, …)
  • Some way of indicating an incorrect answer that doesn't force you to delete text from the answer box
  • Allowing multiple correct answers for the same question
  • Dropbox integration for storing data (add question on one computer, answer it on a different computer!)
  • EXE file for Windows, rather than a JAR file.

History of changes:

New in Exam Helper v1.10:

  • Added: Basic statistics are tracked for the current session (reset when you close the application)
  • Added: New XML file format. Modify this file (in your home folder) to edit and delete individual questions!
  • Change: Answers are no longer case-sensitive
  • Bugfix: Application name did not always have a space on Mac OS X

Note: If you created any questions with version 1.00 of the program, they can only be re-opened with version 1.00, due to a problem with the file format that was rectified in 1.10.


Created by: Me (Shane Smith)
Thanks to: BMC Creative for the application icon

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