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Beginning midday of Monday 20th June, I will have my first taste of freedom from this semester at University.

From that point onwards, I will only have one more exam left. My final assignment is due that morning and I'll be glad to see the end of it.

Around the world, children are finishing their term of school and starting a two-week holiday (or already have started it) - so for parents, things are about to get a lot worse as they attempt to juggle both a job and finding things to keep their kids busy.

Others may see this time of the year as nothing different.

But for me - and also for some of my fellow Aussies - I can't wait. Next week is where I break free from boring University assignments and have a chance to spend my time doing more interesting things:

  • Working on projects for other Wikidot users, a couple of which I am excited to see evolve in the future because they have great potential
  • Building new Wikidot projects that I've been planning for a while, or improving on older ones (e.g. my wikidot editor)
  • Engaging in a few philosophical discussions with others in my community on a Sunday evening
  • And slipping in the occasional hour or two of gaming on my Xbox 360 ;-)

Then of course there's the tax return at the end of the financial year. I'll probably look forward to that the most!

So, what are you looking forward to this coming July? More work, or a much-deserved break? Or are you like me, still working, but moving onto far more interesting projects?

Whatever you plan to do these next few weeks, I hope you enjoy yourselves. Spend some time with family and remind yourself just how amazing this gift of life can be.

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