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I created STE, an editor that supports the Wikidot syntax and allows you to import and export your pages via the Wikidot XML-RPC API.

As I mentioned in my most recent announcement on the STE website, it has been a complete success, keeping in mind my original goals. Yet that doesn't mean I've stopped working on it - not by a long shot. I love working with STE, it's a hobby and a passion of mine, so I'll keep working on it for a while yet.

However, it's time to move forward, possibly even beyond Wikidot. Although I don't quite have the time to begin writing any code for it just yet, I'm considering what my next project might be.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I'd like to get your feedback on this, and to tap into your ideas in the hope that they'll give me some inspiration.

What would you like my next application to be? Is there something you'd like to do with your computer that you haven't yet found a way, and would rather stick with pen and paper until that perfect application comes along that suits your needs?

Let me know! Post your ideas and suggestions in the comments, and I may just end up working on that application you've been waiting for.

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