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Here in South Australia, at Mawson Lakes interchange, a 17-year-old youth narrowly escaped with his life - receiving only a broken ankle - when crossing the railway tracks. He had jumped onto the train tracks to cross over to the other platform.

Jumping down next to a stationary train, he didn't see the other one coming on the second train line. He only just made it to the platform in time, leaving SA police to release the CCTV camera footage to the public with a dire warning: don't cross the tracks!

Chief Inspector Rob Williams, Officer in Charge of SAPOL's Transit Services (Police), reminds everyone that rail tracks are very dangerous places.

"Trains travel at up to 90km/h and it is often difficult to hear an oncoming train."

"Please, don't put your life and others at risk to save a bit of time by crossing the tracks at other places."

CCTV camera footage, which is available at, can be seen below:

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