28 Mar 2011 09:11 | university

If you're not sure what STE or STE extensions are, I'd recommend you check it out. It could save you a lot of time whilst managing your Wikidot site!


When I was working on the extensions feature back in December of last year (for STE 3.20) I went through a lot of trial-and-error before I finally settled on the implementation that I am using now. It's not perfect, but whilst I was building it I learnt a lot more about the Java programming language.

I'm glad I added the feature when I did - not because it makes STE even more powerful (although that is certainly one reason!) - but because I now have an assignment at University that asks me to hand in something just like it!

This assignment will most likely have a few additional challenges for me to find solutions to, but the fact remains that most of the basic work has already been done. I've already spent time building something like this, and I need only take it out of STE and expand on it until it meets the assignment specs.

What's really cool about this though, is that I'll probably learn even more before I hand my assignment up. And that means I can then put that extra knowledge towards making STE's extensions feature better than ever! It's a win-win situation all around.

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