24 Mar 2011 04:02 | google-chrome internet-explorer mozilla-firefox

Browsers are being released all over the place.

Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 9, with far better support for HTML5, CSS3 and other web technologies.

Mozilla also released their new browser, Firefox 4. One of my favourite (though merely aesthetic) features is the addition of Windows Vista / 7 Aero effects.

And Google has released version 11 of their Chrome browser, boasting support for HTML5's speech-to-text features!

But despite all of that, Internet Explorer 9 has one advantage over the rest. Behind my corporate proxy at University, Wikidot pages load CSS themes! Well, 95% of the time.

Every other browser fails to do this, and I've had to put up with ugly and/or unreadable Wikidot sites for a while now with no hope of a fix.

IE9 - you are now officially my favourite browser whilst I'm at University. At home I'll probably continue using Google Chrome… for the time being.


Finally, I can view this page - with the CSS theme working - at University!

Update: Actually, I revise my post. Now not even IE9 is working for me. Frustration ensues.

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