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This is a progress update for Wikidot Writer.

What is the purpose of Wikidot Writer?

Wikidot Writer is intended to be a blogging tool, designed to make blogging on Wikidot easier.

This is my vision:

  • Start a blog from scratch: choose a theme, choose a template, and have Writer automatically build the blog back-end code for you. A complete walk-through from beginning to end.
  • Manage all of your blog posts with ease - even those that weren't created with Writer
  • Easily insert images and other components directly into your blog post
  • Blogging-specific tools … i.e. tags are an important focus, so are internal / external links
  • Seamless integration with the Wikidot API - as if you were editing on directly. No manual importing/exporting. Files uploaded automatically.

So, about that progress update…

Now that you're no doubt excited about the possibilities, I'll give you the update.

Wikidot Writer will not be ready for testing by the end of 2010 as initially planned. Instead, you can expect the first version sometime in January 2011 - with a subset of the features listed above.

Work on the project is currently paused but will start up again in the first week of the new year.

Logo competition

I will be launching a small-scale logo competition for the new application, with more details coming in a future blog post (including instructions on how to submit entries).

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